Braga Fresh Celebrates 45 Years with David Cardenas

Braga Fresh commemorated a 45-year milestone achieved by respected employee David Cardenas.


Gavino “David” Cardenas began working at the Braga Fresh home ranch in August of 1970 – just one month before Chris Braga was born. David started as an irrigator and then became a tractor driver. He eventually became farm supervisor and currently oversees all of the company drip tape crews.


David Cardenas of Braga Fresh Family Farms

Having been with the Braga family of companies for so long, he has seen their transition from cattle ranchers to farmers of organic and conventional fresh produce. He has worked with cattle, tomatoes, corn, alfalfa and hay, beets, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, iceberg, kales and chards, leaf lettuces, sweet baby broccoli, radishes and herbs during his tenure.


David has been a presence at the home ranch for many years and has touched the lives of nearly all members of the Braga Family. Chris remembers David teaching him how to plant, cut and bale hay as a child and Stanley Braga recalls David enjoyed working with cattle alongside his brother Norman and father Sebastian. David’s efforts have supported a long history of the family farm’s advancements in food safety and sustainable farming methods.


“David has been a hard-working guy all his life,” said Stanley. “He started at the bottom and worked his way up. He would keep trying at new things until he became an expert and is always willing to learn more.”


Rod Braga remembers riding around in his grandparents’ pickup when he was 4 or 5 years old and seeing David working alongside his grandfather and father. “He’s a valued employee today and a link to my past,” said Rod. “He’s always been the first to work and the last to leave. I’m sure that will continue until he’s well into his nineties.”


Braga Fresh Family Farms and the Braga family are honored to celebrate 45 years working with David, and enjoy having such a dedicated and loyal employee as part of the Braga Fresh family.


“David is one of those special people sharing a lot of history with our family. He knew our grandparents and parents – we’re excited to continue making memories with him,” said Rod.