Braga Fresh Donates Salad Bar to Soledad High School

Braga Fresh Salad Bar Installation at Soledad High School

On February 11, Rod Braga, CEO of Braga Fresh Family Farms, represented his family’s business at Soledad High School during an event held to celebrate Braga Fresh donating a salad bar for students and staff members as part of the Grower Shipper Association Foundation’s Produce in Schools Salad Bar program, a local initiative to promote increased vegetable consumption and healthy eating in schools.


“We want to give back to the community, starting in our own backyard where our family has been sustainably farming safe, high-quality, conventional and organic produce for nearly a century,” said Rod.


So far, with donations from Braga Fresh and many other produce companies, the Grower Shipper Association Foundation  has provided more than 50 salad bars in 24 school districts throughout Monterey County.


“We are fortunate to have partners throughout the grower shipper community who value our mission, and through that support, have allowed our organization the ability to bring resources to schools throughout the region,” said Margaret D’Arrigo-Martin, president of the Grower Shipper Association Foundation.


“When we heard about the opportunity, it made sense to get involved,” said Rod. “Installing a fresh salad bar is an easy way to encourage growing kids to eat a fresh, colorful variety of vegetables for better health now and into the future. We are happy to help.”