Braga Fresh & Moxxy Marketing Win Awards for Meet the Farmer Video

The Braga Fresh Family Farms short film, “Meet the Farmer,” featuring president and farmer Rod Braga and produced by Moxxy Marketing, has recently received top honors—twice.  Recognized in the Graphic Design USA American Graphic Design Awards and the Summit International Emerging Media Awards, the video won accolades in the categories Television
& Video Design and Corporate Image, respectively.


The video can be viewed online at


Summit Emerging Media Award“We wanted to tell the Braga Fresh story with the same exceptional quality and authenticity the Braga family puts into growing their vegetables, caring for their farmland, and giving generously to their community,” said Karen Nardozza of Moxxy. “In three short minutes, the film conveys their fascinating history and impressive yet humble success, and tugs at your emotions too—I cry every time I watch it.”
The video was filmed at the Braga Home Ranch in Soledad, California, where Rod Braga walks the fields with his 3-year old son, Sebastian, and shares his family’s story of sustainable farming on land once considered unfarmable when originally purchased in the 1920s by his grandparents, Sebastian and Josie Braga.


Today, nearly ninety years and three generations later, Braga Fresh Family Farms is one of the largest grower-shippers of USDA-certified organic fresh vegetables, producing more than 25 crops under the Josie’s Organics brand—named for Braga’s grandmother—including kale, cauliflower, broccoli, celery, chards, herbs, lettuces, beets and more.


American Graphic Design Award

“To work alongside my uncle, brother and cousins every day, just like my father did with my grandfather, is a great honor,” said Rod Braga. “We wanted that sense of commitment and responsibility to come through in the video, and to explain the history, stewardship, and innovation involved in operating a successful organic farm in a way everyone could understand and appreciate.”