Braga Fresh Receives Produce Trailblazer Achievement Award

Josie’s Organics, one of the country’s leading organic produce brands, continues to gain recognition by the produce and retail industry. Today, Braga Fresh Family Farms, grower and distributor of Josie’s Organics, was named a recipient of the 2015 Produce Trailblazer Achievement Award by Grocery Headquarters (GHQ) for bringing innovation and a fresh approach to branding in the produce industry.


“Josie’s Organics has raised the standard for branding in not just the produce department, but the supermarket overall,” said Elizabeth L. Hatt, senior editor, Fresh Foods, GHQ. “Braga Fresh Family Farms has incorporated all the elements of a successful brand strategy – memorable imagery, authentic product development and a fantastic back story exhibiting the company’s values and priorities. Josie’s was a clear choice to receive the Trailblazer Achievement Award and GHQ looks forward to watching them further build the brand and impact the organic segment for years to come.” Learn more about the story behind Josie’s Organics here.


The annual Produce Trailblazer Awards was created by GHQ to celebrate suppliers that had the greatest impact on the produce department over the last year. Recipients are evaluated and selected by a board of editors and retailers who track innovation in the produce industry throughout the year. “We all know how important innovation is in building sales and profits in grocery stores – the Trailblazer Awards recognize these businesses,” explained GHQ Editorial Director Seth Mendelson.


“Being recognized as an industry innovator by our peers is a great honor,” said Rod Braga, president and CEO of Braga Fresh Family Farms. “The success and growth of the Josie’s Organics brand after just two years has exceeded our expectations, but we’re not surprised our story of third-generation farmers with a hard-working mom at the center—my grandmother Josie—is making a connection with people. We want consumers and our retail partners to feel as connected as possible to our family farm and how we bring fresh organic vegetables to tables across the country every day.”


Braga Fresh will be featured along with other award winners in the April issue of Grocery Headquarters, which is available online today at The print issue will be available starting next week.


The Josie’s Organics product line includes leafy-green romaine hearts and other lettuces, kale and chard, cauliflower, green onions, broccoli, sweet baby broccoli, celery, beets, radishes and herbs. Josie’s Organics are available at Whole Foods, Kroger stores, HEB, Safeway, and Central Markets, and other grocers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Josie’s Organics can be found online at and on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


For questions about Josie’s Organics or Braga Fresh, please call 831-678-3435 or send us an email.