Josie’s Organics and The Produce Mom Host a Pinterest Contest: Who’s Your Josie?

Josie’s Organics and The Produce Mom are asking fans of fresh vegetables, “Who inspires you in the kitchen?” and giving home cooks everywhere the chance to win a pack of kitchen prizes for sharing their answers on Pinterest.


A leading national organic vegetable brand, Josie’s Organics is rooted in family and farming values. Josie’s Organics, grown by third-generation farmers at Braga Fresh Family Farms, is named for the owners’ Grandmother, Josie Braga, who was a hard-working mom and entrepreneur along with her husband, Sebastian, together founding the farm still operated today by their grandsons.


“Josie Braga showed her love for her family with hearty meals three times a day, many with fresh vegetables she picked by hand on the Braga Home Ranch,” said Karen Nardozza, who heads marketing for Josie’s Organics. “Beyond family, she opened her home and invited everyone to stop by and have a home cooked meal—she loved to cook. Today’s hectic schedules put different challenges in front of modern women and mothers, but most of us were inspired to learn to cook by someone like Josie, and we want to hear those stories, see the photos and share those recipes from other fans of fresh, organic veggies.”


The Pinterest contest was launched to offer a forum to collect the stories, photos and recipes that demonstrate admiration of the influential cooks in the kitchens of today’s moms. The submission deadline is June 8, 2015.


The grand prize winner will receive a prize pack including a Josie’s Organics apron, a set of three adorable blue polka dot bowls reminiscent of the Josie’s Organics blue polka dot packaging, a cookbook, “Root-to-Stalk Cooking: The Art of Using the Whole Vegetable” by Tara Duggan, a cutting board and a Josie’s Organics reusable cotton shopping bag.


“The Josie’s Organics brand is specifically geared towards today’s wonder woman; a mom who values healthy eating and is committed to serving her family delicious, organic fresh vegetables, even while on the go,” Karen Nardozza said. “The ability to do it all dates back to incredible women like Josie Braga, and we want to hear those stories—Josie was a wonder woman, but there’s lots of other wonder women out there!”


Josie’s Organics and The Produce Mom aim to achieve a common goal of educating consumers about living healthfully by providing resources on social media platforms and their websites that are easy to follow. The Pinterest contest is another way to reach and reward followers, with an ultimate goal of sharing and celebrating food and family.


“Food is culture.  One of my favorite things about the Josie’s Organics brand is the Braga family’s homage to their grandmother.  My grandma certainly inspired my passion for fresh food.  I’m so excited about this promotion,” said Lori Taylor, The Produce Mom.