Our Products

Braga Fresh sells organic and conventional field-pack fresh vegetables both domestically and internationally. As part of the Braga family of companies, including A.S.A. Organics, Braga Ranch and Sebastian Harvesting, we’re able to assure our retail produce customers receive superior service and the highest quality products year-round. If you have any questions about our Josie’s Organics, Braga Farms or Golden State product lines, please give us a call at (831) 678–3835 or send us an email.


Josie’s Organics are grown in California and Arizona by A.S.A. Organics, and are available year-round for distribution worldwide.

Organic Green Onions PLU: 94068 Iced 48s, Iceless 24x5.5oz bags
Organic Leeks PLU: 94629 12ct and 20lb bulk
Organic Wrapped Iceberg Lettuce PLU: 94061 Wrapped 12s, Liner 24s
Organic Wrapped Cauliflower PLU: 94079 12s and 16s
Organic Wrapped Broccoli PLU: 94060 14s
Organic Broccoli PLU: 94060 14s
Organic Broccoli Crowns PLU: n/a 20lb case
Organic Sweet Baby Broccoli PLU: 93277 18s
Organic Green Chard PLU: 94586 12s and 24s
Organic Rainbow Chard PLU: 94513 12s and 24s
Organic Red Chard PLU: 94587 12s and 24s
Organic Red Dandelion PLU: 94615 12ct and 24ct
Organic Green Dandelions PLU: 94615 12ct and 24ct
Organic Green Kale PLU: 94627 12s and 24s
Organic Lacinato Kale PLU: 94624 12s and 24s
Organic Red Kale PLU: 94623 12s and 24s
Organic Dill PLU: 94891 30s
Organic Fennel PLU: 94515 12ct and 24ct
Organic Cilantro PLU: 94889 30s
Organic Curly Parsley PLU: 94900 30s
Organic Italian Parsley PLU: 94901 30s
Organic Gold Beets PLU: 93273 12s, 24s, and 25lb bulk bag
Organic Red Beets PLU: 94539 12s, 24s, and 25lb bulk bag
Organic Radishes PLU: 94089 24s
Organic Easter Egg Radishes PLU: n/a 12s and 24s
Organic Green Leaf Lettuce PLU: 94076 12s and 24s
Organic Red Leaf Lettuce PLU: 94075 12s and 24s
Organic Romaine Lettuce PLU: 94640 12s and 24s
Organic Romaine Hearts – Bag PLU: n/a 12x3
Organic Celery – Sleeve PLU: 94583 (24s), 94070 (30s) 24s and 30s
Organic Celery Hearts – Bag PLU: n/a 18x2
Organic Celery PLU: 94583 (24s), 94070 (30s, 36s) 24s, 30s and 36s
Blue Braga Farms logo.

Braga Farms vegetables are grown by Braga Ranch in the Salinas Valley, Imperial Valley and Yuma. Domestic and international distribution are available (varies by product).

Cauliflower PLU: 4079 12s and 16s
Broccoli PLU: 4060 14s
Cilantro PLU: 4889 30s
Curly Parsley PLU: 4900 30s
Italian Parsley PLU: 4901 30s
Golden State

Golden State Broccoli, grown by Braga Ranch, is distributed throughout the Asia-Pacific region, including Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Broccoli Export Crowns PLU: n/a 38s (Japan) and 42s (Taiwan)