advancing farming since 1928

quality that never quits Three Generations of Family Farming

For three generations the Braga family has been a constant in the agricultural industry, farming from the Salinas Valley to Yuma, Arizona. Well-known by shippers, processors, and now retailers, Braga Fresh is synonymous with high quality organic and conventional fresh vegetables and salads. A vertically integrated company, we continue to mix innovation with tradition to grow, process and ship fresh vegetables worldwide.

Braga family story


Sebastian Braga arrived in South Monterey County


Sebastian started leasing land & building the business in Soledad, CA


Sebastian & Josie purchased Home Ranch


Expanded organic agriculture operation significantly


The third generation became involved with the family farm to develop what is now Braga Fresh


Created the Josie’s Organics brand


Established Braga Fresh Foods to develop a ready-to-eat product line with fresh vegetables and leafy greens


Purchased second Processing Facility Location

“In 1928, our grandparents Sebastian and Josie Braga started farming California’s fertile soil on what is now known as the Braga Home Ranch in Soledad, CA. Thanks to their care of the soil in the 1920’s, and our 3rd generation of farmers following in their footsteps, our sustainable farmland produces quality, fresh produce year-round.”

Rod Braga
CEO, Grandson & 3rd Generation Farmer
Three Generations: Stan, Rod, and Sebastian Braga

our team

Since 1928, it has been our mission to create work opportunities for all genders and ethnicities. The diversity of our team, in all departments and across production areas, is integral to our success. We’ve experienced exponential growth the last five years and the diversity of our workforce has evolved along with that progression. More than 40 percent of our team are millennials.

25 percent of our team have been with our company from 5 to 50 years.

celebrating 50 years

Team Member Spotlight: David Cardenas

After 50 years working for the Braga family of companies, David has touched the lives of each Braga family member and even taught Chris Braga how to plant, cut and bale hay as a child. The Braga family is honored to celebrate this milestone with David.

Braga Barn

growing regions

Blue Zones Project

Braga Fresh has collaborated with Blue Zones Project Monterey County (BZPMC) to establish a sustainable culture of well-being at their worksite.

a fresh perspective

Bringing a fresh perspective to the packaged salad market since 2016, our top-notch foods facility is constantly evolving to adhere to market changes and demand.