Food Safety

At Braga Fresh, we embody a holistic program where food safety is at the forefront of everything that we do. Even before crops are initially planted, the food-safety process has already started. Our broad investment in food safety helps ensure our vegetables and leafy greens are carefully monitored, evaluated, reviewed, and adapted at all levels from start to finish by our dedicated and well-trained team. We are producing the best seasonal produce with the highest standards from our family farm.

Food Safety Culture

food safety culture

Marshall Braga, vice president of food safety, and Armando Figueroa, food safety manager, explain why food safety is a core part of the culture at Braga Fresh Family Farms.

California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement certification

Our LGMA membership aligns will our commitment to provide safe-leafy greens, while following strict government standards upheld by ongoing audits throughout the year. Even though LGMA membership isn’t mandatory and is voluntary to sign up, every certified member must adhere to mandatory compliance once signed up and is required to correct any issues identified in an audit. This translates to 100% mandatory compliance and added value. We joined to hold ourselves to rigorous standards, all while utilizing the latest science and technology to provide confidence in our food-safety programs.

Certifying Programs


  • ​​All of our products are set up using GS1 standards.
  • ​​​​We use blockchain for transparency, using IBM Food Trust. ​​​
  • We offer EDI integration through ITrade for our program partners. ​​​
  • We use 1WorldSync to manage product content, including Ecom imagery.
  • ​​​​We capture what part of the field was harvested by GPS coordinated for additional traceback data. ​​We have adopted the industry standard of a harmonized case label format that includes a UPC code.

on ranch Farming / Harvesting / Cooling

  • 3rd Party Ranch Audit
  • Water Sampling & Treatment
  • Pre-harvest Pathogen Testing
  • Risk Assessment Tea
  • Year-Round LGMA Audit
  • In-house Harvesting Tea
  • Audited inputs with preapproved supplier
  • Cooling facilities: Primus GFS Audits

facility processing

  • Hygienic Designed Equipment & Processing Line
  • Metal Detection & Laser Sorting for Quality and Foreign Material
  • Annual Global SQF Level
  • HACCP program
  • 11+ Retail Hygienic Designed Equipment & Processing Line
  • Red Zone Digital Production System
  • CCOF Certified
  • Kosher Certified