innovation never gets old

Time never stops moving forward and neither does farming. That’s why we always integrate the latest practices and technologies into growing high-quality, fresh produce.

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Healthy Plants powered by the sun

Our fresh conventional and organic product lines are grown using the best elements that Mother Nature has to offer. From natural sunlight to healthy soil, we produce pure, high-quality and delicious produce.

Smarter Farming for a better future

We are innovative farmers constantly looking for new technologies to use and ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Making real-time decisions to better the environment, that end with real-time results that affect future generations.

Organic Practices & Inputs make all the difference

Our daily organic farming practices include cover crops, soil health, crop rotation/placement water management, IPM and Ag Technology, while using high-carbon fertilizer and non-synthetic natural inputs.


Our Nonnie Josie’s Promise: deliciously organic produce

A Fresh Perspective

Bringing a fresh perspective to the packaged salad market since 2016, our top-notch foods facility is constantly evolving to adhere to market changes and demand.