Josie’s Organics is partnering with Stephanie Bouquet, a registered dietitian and owner of SB Nutrition, to provide nutrition, diet and healthy eating information to our fans and followers. Bouquet will share her expert opinions and practical advice on how to make the right dietary decisions for optimal health, including providing resources on eating a balanced diet, fitness tips and health-conscious meal planning. Her tips, recipes and guidance will be posted regularly on the Josie’s Organics website blog, and will be shared via social media from her Facebook and Twitter accounts, and rebroadcast from the Josie’s Organics social media channels. Since 1993, Bouquet has been a practicing registered dietitian with a focus on weight control, diabetes management and sports nutrition counseling. Fitness and nutrition are personal as well as professional interests for her, and she follows her lifestyle recommendations by eating healthy and staying fit. She’s also a recreational endurance athlete and has completed numerous running races from the Salinas Valley Half Marathon to the Boston Marathon. “With Josie’s Organics, our commitment to developing a premium brand goes beyond the quality of the vegetables,” said Karen Nardozza who leads marketing for Braga Fresh. “From the sales and operations perspective, Braga Fresh is committed to premium service and supply transparency; and with our marketing initiatives we believe in providing valuable content to consumers. Our partnerships with experts such as Stephanie, as well as Chadwick Boyd and The Produce Mom, enable Josie’s Organics to offer consumers useful everyday lifestyle advice, from recipes to tips for entertaining, getting or staying healthy and incorporating vegetables into more meals and snacks.