Braga Fresh Family Farms has added green and red dandelions, Easter eggradishes, fennel and leeks to its line of premium-quality, USDA-certifiedorganic produce—Josie’s Organics. The new Josie’s Organics products areavailable immediately.With five newproducts, the Josie’s Organics line has expanded to 29varieties of fresh vegetables including cauliflower, broccoli, sweet babybroccoli, celery, chard, collards, kale, beets, cilantro, parsley, radishes,romaine hearts, iceberg, green leaf, red leaf, andmore—new products arealways in trial, company officials add.Retailer demand for Josie’s Organics has continued to increase since BragaFresh launched the brand a little more than two years ago. A vertically-integratedgrower-shipper, Braga Fresh is well-positioned to meet retailerneeds as well as keep pace with consumer trends, officials add.“Demand for organic produce continues to soar; at the end of Q3 2015 globalsales were heading for the $1 billion mark, as cited by the United FreshProduce Association. We’re doing our part by expanding our premiumquality line of organic produce,” saysPeter Cling, vice president of sales atBraga Fresh. “Our third-generation family farm has been growing organicallyfor 20 years, and has the organic land base, control and flexibility that allowsus to continue meeting market demand.”Josie’s Organics can be found in most Whole Foods, Central Market, Kroger,HEB, Meijer, Save Mart and Wegman’s locations throughout the U.S., aswell as in many other grocery stores and supermarkets.