May is national salad month and Braga Fresh is introducing three new Josie’s Organics premium salad kits: Lemon Herb, Rustic Tomato and Spring Blush.

“The Braga team focused on creating three very different organic salad kit offerings by using unique components such as shaved fennel and newer baby green varieties that have more crunch and loft,” said Kori Tuggle, vice president of marketing and product development.

The Josie’s Organics Lemon Herb salad kit is a mix of baby lettuce, arugula, shaved fennel, Parmesan cheese and brioche crouton crumbles with a lemon herb vinaigrette dressing.

“The shaved fennel is a unique component for the salad kit category that gives consumer flavor and layered texture to the salad,” Tuggle said.

The Josie’s Organics Rustic Tomato salad kit contains five components in addition to salad greens including Parmesan cheese, crispy onions, garlic croutons, roasted garbanzo beans and a sun-dried tomato dressing.

“With five kit components, the Organic Rustic Tomato salad kit eats like a full meal and is filling,” Tuggle said.

The Josie’s Organics Spring Blush contains spring mix, candied walnuts, feta cheese, dried cranberries and a red wine vinaigrette. “Our Organic Spring Blush has a sweeter, lighter flavor profile with universal appeal,” Tuggle said.

All three organic salad kits are available now.

About Braga Fresh
Since 1928 the Braga family has been farming from the Salinas Valley. Well-known by shippers, processors, and now retailers, our name is synonymous with high quality organic and conventional fresh vegetables. We continue to mix innovation with tradition to grow, ship and process fresh vegetables and salads year-round. With more than 20 years of expanding our certified organic program and meeting the highest food safety standards, we are bringing our expertise, authenticity, and standard of integrity to the retail market through Braga Farms and Josie’s Organics brands.

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