Braga Fresh Family Farms has received the 2016 Trailblazer Award by Grocery Headquarters(GHQ) for being a leader in organic produce sustainability. Thismarks the second year in a row thatBraga Fresh has been recognized for excellence through its Josie’s Organics brand product line.“Braga Fresh has demonstrated a longstanding commitment to leading and growing the organicscategory,” said Craig Levitt, managing editor, GHQ. “For more than 20 years, the company hasgrown organically, and each year it converts more than five percent of conventional farmland to meetthe explosive consumer demand for premium quality organic produce. That level of dedication andleadership is to be applauded.”GHQ’s annual Produce Trailblazer Awards celebrate the suppliers that had the greatest impact ingrocery produce each year. Award-winners are evaluated and selected by a board of editors andretailers that regularly monitors produce industry innovation. “Innovation and leadership are criticalfor continuing to bolster grocery store sales and profits. Our Trailblazer Awards recognize andshowcase the businesses that continually step up and invigorate the industry,” said Levitt.“It’s an honor to be recognized for continuing to practice and uphold the high farming standards setby our grandparents at the start of our family farm in the 1920s,” says Rodney Braga, CEO andfarmer of Braga Fresh and Josie’s Organics. “Every day, wework to meet and exceed the standardsfor high quality, integrity and sustainability to deliver delicious, fresh organic vegetables to familiesacross the country.”Braga Fresh and Josie’s Organics are featured in the new issue of Grocery Headquarters, which isavailable online now’s Organics can be found in Central Market, HEB, Kroger, Raley’s, Sprouts, The Fresh Marketand Whole Foods locations, as well as in many other grocery stores and supermarkets throughoutthe U.S.