Josie’s Organics and The Produce Mom have published an eBook titled, “Science Fair and STEMProject Guide” for use by teachers, parents, child educators and students in grades 3-8.The eBook is filled with experimental projects using fruits and vegetables to explore different areas of science. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and also represents a popular basis of learning where academic concepts are studied through hands-on lessons.

The eBook, available free, provides fifteen projects using fruits and vegetables in a fun, easy-to-use format. The projects, which range from germinating radish seeds, to dehydrating fruit, testing the PH levels of fruits and vegetables, and determining the water content in melons, can be modified according to each student’s interests and abilities. The eBook also includes several videos courtesy of Josie’s Organics about sustainability and farming organically, plus useful tips on nearly every page to help choose, store, prepare, and learn more about fresh vegetables. “As a mother of two elementary school students, I know how popular STEM learning is among children, parents and educators,” explains Lori Taylor, President of The Produce Mom. “Josie’s Organics and all brands of The Produce Mom Family are committed to helping children learn about fruits and vegetables so they’re more likely to try them and incorporate them into a healthy diet from a young age. This eBook is a great way to introduce kids to a variety of fruits and vegetables beyond the cafeteria or lunchbox. It’s incredibly rewarding to launch The Produce Mom’s new eBook series with a resource that connects fresh produce to science education.” All projects offer a supply list, follow the scientific method, and include step-by-step instructions. To encourage student learning and experimentation, conclusions of the projects are not included in the Science Fair and STEM Project Guide. Projects in the eBook cover various science disciplines, including: biological science, chemistry, physical science and physics. “When Cathy Burns and Bryan Silbermann encouraged PMA members to get involved with schools during the 2015 State of the Industry address at Fresh Summit, I knew one way to deliver upon this would be through our partnership with The Produce Mom,” said Karen Nardozza who handles marketing for Josie’s Organics and Braga Fresh Family Farms. “The eBook is a great compliment to the recent salad bar donation Braga Fresh Family Farms made to Soledad High School. Josie’s Organics is honored to present The Produce Mom’s “Science Fair and STEM Project Guide”–it will benefit many households, summer camps, and classrooms.”