Josie’s Organics line of fresh vegetables has earned a Best rating under Whole Foods Market’s Responsibly Grown rating system for fresh produce and flowers. This is thanks to the Josie’s top performance in pest management, environmental protection, water and energy conservation, protection of air, soil, water and human health, and more. Since its launch in 2013, Josie’s Organics has been a leader in the agriculture industry and certified organic programs. It pays homage to the Braga Fresh Family Farm’s grandmother, Josie Braga, who began farming with husband Sebastian on the same fertile soil the Braga family grows their line of more than 25 varieties of premium, USDA-certified organic vegetables on today. Whole Foods Market’s Responsibly Grown rating system acknowledges exceptional performance innumerous areas of sustainable farming. To earn a Best rating, farms must participate in 16 practices to protect air, soil, water and human health; use no Whole Foods Market prohibited pesticides and have GMO transparency; employ no biosolids (recycled sewage) or irradiation; make substantial efforts in water and energy conservation; have advanced soil health; protect rivers, lakes and oceans; make farmworker health and safety a priority; protect bees and butterflies; and demonstrate industry leadership of pest management and environmental protection. “We’re excited to receive the highest recognition from Whole Foods Market for Josie’s Organics’ sustainability practices and commitment to providing great-tasting, organic, fresh vegetables grown with care of the land and conservation in mind,” said Roger Zardo, director of sales at Braga Fresh Family Farms. Responsibly Grown is a result of Whole Foods Market’s collaboration with suppliers, scientists and industry experts to hone in on important issues in food safety and sustainability, while providing more transparency in the industry for supplier accountability and consumer benefit. “With Josie’s Organics, we demonstrate the Braga family’s long commitment to growing sustainably in all aspects, as this is the food we’re feeding our own families, too,” said Zardo.