Josie’s Organics renewed partnership with The Produce Mom®. The partners started working together in October 2014, with a focus on socializing Josie’s Organics with consumers and telling the story of the Josie’s Organics brand heritage and culture.

Josie’s Organics is a premium organic vegetable brand, grown by third-generation farmers at Braga Fresh Family Farms. The company is named for President and CEO Rod Braga’s grandmother Josie. “In addition to our great successes and collaboration with consumer-facing marketing strategies, The Produce Mom increased awareness of Josie’s Organics within the trade,” explains Braga. The Produce Mom’s Founder & Owner, Lori Taylor, showcased Josie’s Organics during the2015 Southwest Ag Summit Keynote Address. Additionally, Rod Braga was profiled alongside Western Growers Association’s Dave Puglia in The Produce Mom’s web series Ask The Produce Expert to answer questions surrounding the California drought.

The recent partnership extension will foster continued socialization of Josie’s Organics, promotion of the line of organic vegetables, sharing of advice, tips and recipes with busy moms, and awareness of how to adopt sustainability into our daily lives. “No partner has helped The Produce Mom preach the importance of at-home sustainability like Josie’s Organics,” explains Taylor. “Whole vegetable cooking is so important and a great way to make organics a more affordable and viable option for today’s home cooks.” Taylor recently showcased Josie’s Organics beets during her Indy Style morning show segment and demonstrated how to prepare beets in a slow cooker. Look for this recipe to appear on

“The Produce Mom initially captured our attention because the brand is emerging, buzz-worthy, and very family-focused,” explains Karen Nardozza, head of marketing for Josie’s Organics. “We believe every family has a Josie and there is certainly a Produce Mom in all of us!”